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Accelerating the transition to clean energy.

Whether tackling global challenges with machine learning or reinventing retail solar with AR, we're dedicated to helping rebuild our planet's utility infrastructure.

One of the largest electrical distributors runs on Clean.Tech

Their global sales unit has placed over $100MM in commercial sales opportunities on our platform, and counting.

Our proprietary deep-learning A.I., we call her Elli, is the backbone of our platform and the tools we provide. She performs hundreds of complex design and engineering tasks autonomously, in real time, for each construction project.

Profits rise when Roof Maxx
adds solar to a sale.

America’s fastest growing roofing company pioneered sustainable roof rejuvenation. Thanks to our app, cross-selling solar became easy.

If you are looking to retail solar without all the madness of today's model, our iOS app is the breakthrough you've been waiting for. If you fund clean energy projects, pick from over $2 billion in listed opportunities waiting for you. If you install solar, join over 100 electrical contractors who benefit from our platform's rapidly growing volume.